Medications to avoid for patients

Medications and Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease – What to Avoid

Gaby T. Thai, M.D.
Doctors are often asked whether there are any medications that someone with Alzheimer’s disease should avoid. Patients with Alzheimer’s disease may need medicines to treat symptoms of the disease, as well as for other health problems such as bladder incontinence, mood disturbances, high blood pressure, etc…  However, when a person takesmany medications, there is an increased risk of adverse effects, including confusion, mood swings, sleepiness, andworsening memory problems. more >

Stress and its influence on Alzheimer’s disease

Aging is an inevitable journey for everyone, and includes many obstacles and different paths to take.  How we live our lives can have enormous impact on whether we grow old gracefully, or succumb along the way. Good physical health, through diet and exercise, will allow people to remain active well into their twilight years, but as lifespan increases it is also important to take care of and maintain brain health as well.  more >