Participate in a Research Study

MRI Study Measuring Brain Structure and Memory Performance in Normal Older Adults and MCI

In the lab of Dr. Craig Stark, we are studying the relationship between changes in brain structures as they relate to memory performance. One way that we can look at changes in these brain structures is to observe changes in memory that occur in normal aging as well as those changes associated with disorders of aging, such as mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease. We use fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) to observe changes in activity in the brain while individuals perform memory tasks. By comparing the changes in activity to memory performance, we can observe which areas of the brain are involved in different kinds of memory operations.

Who: Cognitively healthy older adults, Successful Aging Program participants; individuals with a diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) or Questionable Cognitive Impairment (QCI)

Time: 2 visits, each 1-2 hours each

Risk:  Minimal, but we will conduct a thorough screening for MRI compatibility

Compensation for the first session is $15 per hour. Compensation for the second session is $25 per hour. Both sessions are located on the UCI main campus. If you are interested in participating or have any questions, please call the Stark Lab at (949) 824-4230 and ask for Shauna Stark.

Imaging Study to Develop a New Method of Diagnosing Alzheimer’s Disease

We are seeking participants for an open-label, non-randomized, multi-center, exploratory and safety study of [F-18] T807 and [F-18] T808, a new imaging compound developed to take pictures of a toxic protein called “tau,” which clumps together to form tangles in the brains of Alzheimer’s disease patients.

To qualify, you must:

  •  Be 55 years of age or older
  • Have a diagnosis of probable Alzheimer’s disease
  • Be willing to undergo a PET scan
  • Understand and speak English

The study involves three visits in a period of two weeks.  You will be compensated $400 after completing the study.

If you would like to participate or receive further information about the study, please call (949) 824-3249.

Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative

Why are we doing this research study?

Our goal is to determine whether imaging of the brain (through MRI, PET and amyloid imaging scans) can help predict and or the onset and progression of Alzheimer’s disease. In addition to neuroimaging, the study will collect and test blood and cerebral spinal fluid to determine if biomarkers can predict and monitor the disease. Testing cerebral spinal fluid is the only way to obtain important brain information.

Who is sponsoring this research study?

This research study is sponsored by the National Institutes of Health through the Research and Research Infrastructure “Grand Opportunity” (GO) grant program.

Where will the research study take place?

This research study will take place at 50 major university sites across North America. Researchers are looking for persons who:

  • Are between 55 and 90 years of age
  • Are in good general health but have memory problems or concerns
  • Are fluent in English or Spanish
  • Are willing and able to undergo the test procedures
  • Have a study partner – a friend or relative who can accompany the volunteer to all clinic visits

Your health will be closely monitored by a team of doctors and nurses, at no cost to you. Any new information about your physical health will be shared with you and your physician (you are encouraged to continue seeing your regular doctor).

If you are interested in participating or have any questions, please contact Beatriz Yanez at (949) 824-3250.