UCI MIND Institute for Excellence Fund

The mission of UCI MIND is to encourage multidisciplinary basic, clinical, and behavioral research in Alzheimer’s disease and translate findings into practice. As part of this mission, the Institute trains scientists and health care providers who are new to Alzheimer’s research and provides education about Alzheimer’s and the related dementias throughout the community.

Through the UCI MIND Institute for Excellence Fund, you will help UCI MIND in its ongoing effort to establish new laboratories, hire more scientists, accelerate studies already underway, conduct clinical trials and educate the public about the ravages of dementia. Your contributions help to fund innovative medical discoveries and treatments for one of the most devastating diseases facing humankind.

Institute for Excellence Initiatives:

  • UCI MIND Researchers must seek additional supplemental funding for their own support.  Successful grants will fund their research programs, but young researchers do not receive enough to support themselves.  UCI MIND seeks to retain promising young scientists by providing funds to support their work on a competitive review basis.
  • Support our Postdoctoral and Graduate Fellowship Program, which enables us to hire talented graduate and postdoctoral researchers to work with us for 1-3 years on major projects as well as proof-of-concept ideas.
  • Support UCI MIND by allowing us to underwrite pilot research projects for junior investigators to develop preliminary data in the preparation of a formal grant application.
  • Allow UCI MIND to provide excellent community caregiver support, education, and training through special events such as “Ask the Doc”, “Frontiers of the MIND”, The Distinguished Lecture Series and recruitment and retention activities.
  • Support UCI MIND in its efforts to secure a top candidate to serve as the Education and Information Transfer Core Leader.  This leadership position will drive the essential education and outreach focus of our mission and will add to the design, development and expansion of clinical trials.