2016 Emerging Scientists Symposium

12764566_1130053847028803_1296388973097182905_oOn February 25, UCI MIND’s trainee organization, ReMIND, led by predoctoral candidates Natalie Goldberg and Samuel Marsh, hosted a successful 7th Annual Emerging Scientists Symposium. Eleven predoctoral and six postdoctoral scholars presented their research in a two-hour poster session.   After the poster session, Dr. Jeanne Loring from The Scripps Research Institute presented a lecture titled, “The Secret Lives of Stem Cells: Genomics, Epigenetics, and Cell Replacement Therapy.”

Volunteer faculty judges included Drs. David Cribbs,  Joshua Grill, Massimo Fiandaca, Lisa Flanagan, Norbert Fortin, and Marcelo Wood.  All of the judges voiced the difficulty of their task resulting from the many excellent presentations.

The 2016 poster presentation winners:

12819365_1130054160362105_4525255888750669091_o1st Place Predoctoral Scholar, Zachariah Reagh (Yassa Lab) – Selective vulnerability of memory for objects vs. locations in older adults

2nd Place Predoctoral Scholar, Alli Haskell (Green Lab) – Discovery and characterization of a microglial progenitor cell in the adult brain

1st Place Postdoctoral Scholar, Lindsay Hohsfield, PhD (Green Lab) – Characterizing the effects of microglial elimination and repopulation on Aβ and tau pathology

12783626_1130053997028788_3063356478604784532_o2nd Place Postdoctoral Scholar, Janine Kwapis, PhD (Wood Lab) – HDAC3: An epigenetic key to ameliorating synaptic plasticity and memory deficits in the aging brain

UCI MIND congratulates all poster presenters on the excellent presentations and looks forward to another successful event next year.