Guideline for Alzheimer’s Disease Management

The Guideline for Alzheimer’s Disease Management presents core care recommendations for the management of Alzheimer’s disease. It assumes that a proper diagnosis has been made using reliable and valid diagnostic techniques. The main audience for the Guideline is primary care practitioners. However, many of the activities recommended in the Guideline do not require a physician and can be done by other members of the treatment team (care managers, nurses, community support organizations) working closely with the patient and caregiving family. The recommended activities do not have to be done in one visit.

The California Workgroup on Guidelines for Alzheimer’s Disease Management, which consists of healthcare providers, consumers, academicians and representatives of professional and volunteer organizations, developed the Guideline through a review of scientific evidence supplemented by expert opinion when research has been unavailable or inconsistent. An expanded companion document, providing more in-depth background information, is available through the Alzheimer’s Association’s California website

Click to download a copy of the Guideline for Alzheimer’s Disease Management.


Guideline for Alzheimer’s Disease Management