NPR asks founding director to comment on exercise study

By January 25, 2019Carousel Slider, In the News

Carl Cotman, PhD

A study was recently published in the journal Neurology about physical activity’s relation to Alzheimer’s disease and cognition in older adults.

NPR asked UCI MIND founding director Dr. Carl Cotman to comment on this impressive study, noting that exercise might “‘offset the ill effects of brain degeneration.’ He adds that lifestyle interventions such as an increase in physical activity and movement can be powerful even in the presence of disease.” Click here to read the article >

Dr. Cotman is leading a national clinical trial of exercise at UCI MIND. The trial aims to evaluate whether 18 months of moderate to high intensity exercise will improve cognition in older adults with memory concerns. To learn more about the EXERT study and whether you qualify, click here or contact (949) 824-0008,