Training Grant Preceptors

The University of California, Irvine’s Institute for Memory Impairments and Neurological Disorders (UCI MIND) training program has a solid track record over its 30-year history of producing highly successful scientists who enter academia or apply their training and knowledge in private industry to address dementia,  a challenging and serious health problem for the nation and our growing senior population.  This multi-interdisciplinary training program emphasizes preparation and instruction in the application of molecular and quantitative approaches to the elucidation of the cellular and molecular mechanisms of age-related neurodegeneration, brain plasticity during aging, and age-related changes in learning and memory.  Faculty from the Schools of Biological Sciences, Medicine, Information and Computer Sciences, and from UCI MIND are part of the training program.   A list of training faculty can be found below.

Training Grant Participating Faculty Members

[table class=”table table-striped”]Name/Degree(s)*Rank*Primary (& Secondary) Appointment(s)*Research Interest

Agadjanyan, Michael, Ph.D.*Researcher*UCI MIND*Epitope based vaccines for brain aging and Alzheimer’s disease

Anderson, Aileen, Ph.D.*Associate Professor*Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (Anatomy & Neurobiology)*Age and traumatic CNS injury

Aswad, Dana, Ph.D.*Professor*Molecular Biology & Biochemistry*Post translational modification of proteins and brain aging

Blurton-Jones, Mathew, Ph.D.*Assistant Professor*Neurobiology & Behavior*Stem cells to model and treat neurodegenerative disease

Busciglio, Jorge, Ph.D.*Associate Professor*Neurobiology & Behavior*Neuronal loss and dysfunction in Down syndrome and AD

Cotman, Carl, Ph.D.*Professor*Neurology Split – Neurobiology & Behavior*Alzheimer’s disease and successful aging

Cramer, Steven, M.D.*Professor*Vice Chair of Research, Neurology Split – Anatomy & Neurobiology*Stroke, brain plasticity, therapeutics, and aging

Cribbs, David, Ph.D.*Professor in Residence*Neurology*Mechanisms of cerebral vascular pathology, CAA, and therapeutics

Cummings, Brian, Ph.D.*Associate Professor*Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (Anatomy & Neurobiology)*Traumatic brain injury, regeneration and aging

Fisher, Mark, M.D.*Professor*Neurology (Anatomy & Neurobiology)*Stroke, microbleeds and cerebral vascular disorders

Gall, Christine, Ph.D.*Professor*Anatomy & Neurobiology (Neurobiology & Behavior)*Long term potentiation and spine plasticity

Gillen, Daniel, Ph.D.*Associate Professor*Statistics*Biostatistics, research design and clinical trails

Glabe, Charles, Ph.D.*Professor*Molecular Biology & Biochemistry*Structure of amyloids, assembly pathways and mechanisms of AD pathogenesis

Green, Kim, Ph.D.*Assistant Professor*Neurobiology & Behavior*Elimination of microglia, their restoration and functions

Guzowski, John, Ph.D.*Associate Professor*Neurobiology & Behavior*Impact of cytokines on neural circuit function and cognition as a function of brain aging

Kawas, Claudia, M.D.*Professor*Neurology Split – Neurobiology & Behavior*Epidemiological and clinical-pathological studies of aging and dementia in the “oldest old.”

LaFerla, Frank, Ph.D.*Professor*Chair, Neurobiology & Behavior (Neurology)*Molecular pathogenesis of AD though the development and analysis of transgenic animal models

Lynch, Gary, Ph.D.*Professor*Psychiatry & Human Behavior (Anatomy & Neurobiology)*Aging, LTP, and the matrix interface at synapses

Monuki, Edwin, M.D., Ph.D.*Associate Professor*Chair, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine (Development & Cell Biology)*The choroid plexus in brain aging and AD

Parker, Ian, Ph.D.*Professor*Neurobiology & Behavior (Physiology & Biophysics)*Mechanisms of cellular calcium signaling in healthy and AD brain

Piomelli, Daniele, Ph.D., Pharm.D.*Professor*Anatomy & Neurobiology (Pharmacology; Biological Chemistry)*Lipid-derived signaling molecules, Alzheimer’s disease, and therapeutics

Stark, Craig, Ph.D.*Professor*Neurobiology & Behavior Director, Center for the Neurobiology of Learning & Memory*Mechanisms of learning and memory, pattern separation and cognitive decline with age using fMRI

Tenner, Andrea, Ph.D.*Professor*Molecular Biology & Biochemistry (Neurobiology & Behavior; Pathology & Laboratory Medicine), Director, Institute for Memory Impairments and Neurological Disorders (UCI MIND)*The interface between the nervous system and the immune system in healthy, aging and injured brain

Thompson, Leslie M., Ph.D.*Professor*Psychiatry & Human Behavior Split – Neurobiology & Behavior (Biological Chemistry)*Pathogenic mechanisms of Huntington’s disease and stem cell therapies

Wood, Marcelo, Ph.D.*Associate Professor*Neurobiology & Behavior Director, Interdepartmental Neurosciences Program (INP)*Epigenetic mechanisms underlying long-term memory processes in the aging brain

Zhao, Weian, Ph.D.*Assistant Professor*Pharmaceutical Sciences (Biomedical Engineering)*Development of biomarkers to diagnose AD at early-stages [/table]