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COVID-19 Archives - UCI MIND

Staying “Cognitively Fit”

By Participants

Contributed by Michelle McDonnell, PhD A common recommendation to participants at UCI MIND is to remain “physically, socially, and cognitively active.” While one can easily understand how to implement the recommendations for increased social and physical activity, it is more challenging to understand what types of cognitive activities there are and how to increase them in a meaningful way. This blog defines what we mean when we recommend increasing cognitive activity and provides some examples you can easily implement in your day-to-day life. Cognitive activity (sometimes referred to as cognitive stimulation) is defined as complex mental activity that can potentially promote…

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Holidays during COVID-19

By Commentary, COVID-19, Participants

Contributed by UCI MIND Nurse Practitioner, Catherine McAdams-Ortiz, MSN, RN, A/GNP Have you noticed the Holiday decorations popping up at shopping malls already? Yes, the Holiday Season is upon us. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we all need to carefully plan our social gatherings, meals, and guests in our homes. Hopefully, you will find some helpful hints here so you can safely navigate all the Holidays you will celebrate this year.   The very best gift you can give yourself, your loved ones and your friends is to make sure you get your flu vaccine as soon as possible….

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VIDEO: UCI Panel on COVID-19: Part 2

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The UCI Sue & Bill Gross Stem Cell Center, led by UCI MIND faculty member Dr. Aileen Anderson, hosted part 2 of their expert panel on the state of COVID-19 on September 1. Topics include: Introduction to SARS2-CoV/COVID-19 from Dr. Ming Tan Current status of testing for COVID-19 from UCI MIND faculty member, Dr. Ed Monuki Back to school, wearing masks and public health from Dr. Dan Cooper ASCC’s convalescent plasma and trials for COVID-19 from Dr. Daniela Bota View the complete panel recording below:

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