Research Education Component

Led by Dr. Elizabeth Head, The Research Education Component (REC) of the UCI Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (ADRC) works closely with all Cores to provide training and mentorship opportunities for students and early career investigators in Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia (ADRD) research and healthcare.

The REC training program aims to generate the next cutting-edge, innovative and collaborative generation of ADRD researchers. The underlying educational principle is to provide foundational training (e.g., professional skills, learning to mentor, basics of ADRD) and build on this with mentoring in a team science collaborative environment that will facilitate bench to clinic research. Specifically, by providing two mentors, one who serves as the primary mentor within the trainee’s research environment and a second mentor, who is an ADRD area outside of the trainee’s primary research area.


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Research And Mentorship Program

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Seminar Series

Due to COVID-19, the Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 seminar sessions below are held via Zoom. If you are a UCI student, staff, or faculty member and are interested in joining future seminars, email

Research and Mentorship Program (RAMP)

In partnership with UCI School of Medicine, UCI MIND launched a new Research And Mentorship Program (RAMP) for medical students in summer 2020. The program, made possible by support from community philanthropist Dr. Lorna Carlin and the nonprofit HFC led by Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller Rogen, pairs medical students with UCI MIND faculty mentors to inspire scientific ideas and future careers in dementia research and care.

As the field presently grapples with a serious shortage of geriatric healthcare professionals, this program aims to create a pipeline of enthusiastic trainees who, motivated by their experiences and mentorship, choose medical careers to advance knowledge and care for older adults.

Three talented students have been selected for the inaugural summer program and projects are already underway.

The students will present their projects to colleagues at the conclusion of the program and have the opportunity to publish results in peer-reviewed journals to be shared with Alzheimer’s and dementia researchers worldwide.

For more information about UCI MIND RAMP or questions on how to help sustain it, please contact Daniel Harper at

HFC founders, Lauren Miller Rogen and Seth Rogen virtually congratulated UCI MIND RAMP inaugural trainees

UCI MIND Fellowship

Since Harriet Harris facilitated the partnership in 2018, the Brethren Community Foundation has contributed $350,000 to research and training at UCI MIND. With its dual focus on education, the Foundation took a special interest in supporting fellowships for new clinician investigators focused on senior health.

So far, the partnership has resulted in the recruitment of two neuropsychologist fellows, Jean Ho, PhD and Jung Jang, PhD.

Dr. Ho’s research focuses on the link between blood pressure medication use in older adults and potential cognitive bene ts. As part of her fellowship at UCI MIND, Dr. Ho will receive training in the design and analysis of clinical trials to test this association, which may have implications to future dementia prevention.

Dr. Jang’s research focuses on the understudied emotional and behavioral symptoms associated with dementia, and she has already published several important ndings on this topic. As a UCI MIND fellow, she aims to improve understanding of how vascular damage to the brain may contribute to these symptoms, hopefully providing insights to potential new assessments and treatments for dementia.

The Foundation considers its grant recipients partners in the mission to improve the well-being of its community, and UCI MIND is a proud partner and witness to the power of leadership demonstrated by the Foundation. Together, community leaders and UCI MIND can and will solve Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias and improve circumstances for future generations.

Drs. Jean Ho (left) and Jung Jang (right) were awarded UCI MIND Fellowships supported by the Brethren Community Foundation.

Institute on Methods and Protocols for Advancement of Clinical Trials in ADRD (IMPACT-AD)

IMPACT-AD was founded to train the next generation of ADRD clinical trialists, to ensure that investments in discovery yield outcomes for patients and families. Our goal is to provide education and tools to establish a national cohort of qualified investigators to guide the field toward improved therapies.

Equally importantly, we are focused on diversifying the ADRD trial workforce. This diversity is manifold: it includes the demographic characteristics of investigators (age, race, ethnicity, etc.), but also their specialties (physicians, psychologists, statisticians, etc.), backgrounds (rural, urban, etc.), and career stage or current position (current AD Clinical Trial Consortium (ACTC) site, non-ACTC academic site, non-academic site).

IMPACT-AD will be successful if it produces an outstanding, well-trained, diverse, and knowledgeable cohort of collaborative investigators who will carry the mantle of the National Plan to Address AD.

IMPACT-AD will leverage the outstanding collection of investigators, including members of the ACTC and beyond. National and international leaders in ADRD trials will gather annually to provide a unique, interactive, cutting edge educational experience in ADRD trials. We offer two tracks for those interested in advancing their careers in ADRD trials.

For more information about IMPACT-AD, please visit